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Persuasive Writing

We have been researching persuasive writing – the skills people use to get people to agree with you or buy something (they may not even need!)

Please listen to our first drafts of some radio adverts – have a listen and say how we can improve them?

Yorkshire v Lancashire Girls U11’s Cricket – My First Match!

Yesterday, Sunday 30th June, I played my first match for Lancashire Girls U11’s cricket team away against Yorkshire (my dads home county!).
The match was played at Bilton CC in Harrogate.

We batted first and got 110 from 30 overs, I didn’t get to bat as the other girls ahead of me did well.

When we bowled Yorkshire got 126 from their 30 overs. I bowled well, but couldn’t quite get a wicket.

Here are a couple of photos from the day, can you spot me?!




Lever House Has Talent 2013!

Another wonderful day here at Lever House!
Today we held the semi-finals and the finals of Lever House Has Talent 2013 and it truly was excellent.

Many thanks to all the children who auditioned in the class rounds; the standard was as superb as ever.

In the semi-finals, we all thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by comedians, magicians, singers, dancers and even hoola hoopists.

Congratulations to the ‘Chickadettes’ and the ‘Joker Brothers’ for making it through to the finals, but a special mention must go to Eric, our winner for this year, with his amazing dancing.

Click on here if the clip does not play.

A Brass Band Visits

Pupils and teachers from Balshaws brass band visited today and treated us to a wonderful musical assembly.

Keeping Year 5 hearts healthy

The children enjoyed taking part in a variety of athletic events, helped by pupils from Wellfield.

The task now is to continue this in order to look after ourselves better and keep our hearts healthy.


On the 23rd of April, after a school day, my mom and dad took me and my brothers to go and get my birthday present; we went all the way to Manchester to go and get my new cat.

She was only six weeks old, because we were lucky enough to get her a week earlier than usual. Her birthday is on my brothers- 5th of March. We named her Sushi- we even gave her a middle name just for fun- Sushi Salmon King. It has a nice ring to it.

Lately, she has began jumping really high, flipping and pouncing. If you whistle, click your fingers or call her, she’ll come to you…… most of the time…..

Her eyes have gone from brown to green to yellow and now changing to orange. She is growing at the speed of light- she is still big enough to hold in your one hand. She is light as a feather and she is so friendly… she nibbles on you and scratches you but it doesn’t hurt at all- she only does it playfully.

Amazingly the saying ‘cats hate water’ has been proven false! She loves water. Here is a tiny bit more information about her that you might not have known about Sushi.

TYPE: British Blue
GENDER: Female
NICK NAME: Sushi Salmon King

Niamh The sun was shining oh so bright

The sun was shining oh so bright

Following from a cold, clear night


It’s time to play it’s time to have fun

Splashing around under the warm, round sun


As the morn goes by, how time does fly

When the sun shines bright high in the sky


It’s time for a picnic it’s time for a walk

Lets go find a field where we can lay and talk


On the way home we walked by the stream

Giggling while we licked our ice cream


Everyone’s smiling, everyone’s happy

We’re sat round the campfire being rather chatty


As it’s time to sleep the sun goes down

The moon comes out shimmering all around


by Niamh





007 at Lever House

Listen to Mathew’s morpho about 007:

007 from Year 5 on Vimeo.

lancashire tournament alex moore

On Friday me and my friends (Josh, Robert and Harry) went to Sunderland to represent and play tennis for our county Lancashire, in the County Cup tournament, it was fun.

We all met at Virgin Active to have a warm up on Friday evening with our coach and captain (Adam). After all of that me and my dad went to our hotel to go to sleep. The team was all staying in the same hotel.

The next morning we all went to breakfast and I had a full english breakfast,  it was yummy. Then it was on to Sunderland Tennis Centre which had just hosted an international tennis competition, to play tennis. We played outside, at first it was raining but soon the sun came out. First we played against East of Scotland and won all of our matches. Next we played West of Scotland and only lost our doubles. We played awesome that day. As it was a nice afternoon we decided to go back to Virgin Active to have a swim in the outdoor pool it was lovely and warm. Later we all met for tea at the restaurant next to our hotel and we made our own pizza’s before going to play outside with Josh, Robert and Harry with Josh’s ball.

The next morning we all went for breakfast and went for our second day of tennis. This time we played North of Scotland in the semi-finals and again won all of our matches. Then we had to play West of Scotland again this time in the final. Unfortunately this time we lost two of our singles but I won my match 4-0 4-0 but then lost the doubles with Josh. By the end of the day we had come second but all our parents and our coach told us that we had played the best tennis.

Before the long journey home me and my friend Robert went to the adventure park and had a lot of fun. By Alex Moore.

A day at the caravan!!!! by Olivia

On  Saturday  I went up to the caravan with my nana and pet dog Bella,  we took Bella on a walk to see my friend Evie it took longer than we thought to get there because Bella is still young and is not great on a lead . When we got there we climbed trees and had a barbecue  Millie  and Frayer was there as well they are Evie’s  younger cousins,  after the barbecue we headed back to our caravan watched a bit of TV and fell asleep .

The next day we stayed at our caravan and sun bathed  because my mum and dad was coming up to stay in our caravan which was next to my nans, when my mum came up she brought Lauren up with her .When they arrived my mum was so tired  she went to bed while me Lauren and my dad along with Evie and her family went ton the Blue Bell which is a pub with a very nice garden  we played in the garden and when it was time to go home we decided to have a quick wonder down by the lake and skimmed stones, I’m not very good at that so we went back to the caravan and that was my two favourite night at the caravan.